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07-03-14, 08:54 PM
I have for sale mk3 1990 non turbo supra. cant afford to run it as i am now disabled with ms. i have a little mobility car now. this supra is black with stealth alloy wheels. 107000 miles. i have done very few in the last few years. i only want £1200 for it. sold as seen. is very reilable. no mot or tax. you can get me on binkeleveng@aol.com or 07973814758

Roger NE
15-03-14, 03:48 PM
Photos and more details would be a good idea . . .

Manual or Auto? Cloth or Leather interior? Everything working OK? Any bodywork rust visible?

15-03-14, 05:13 PM
Struggle for that price for an na with no mot or tax too.

15-03-14, 06:11 PM
Struggle isn't the word although it did make me laugh to read the word "only" lol