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21-04-14, 08:11 PM
Welcome to my very clean low mileage Toyota Supra 2.0 Twin Turbo Automatic. The car is taxed until end of April 2014. I bought the Supra in March 2012 as a birthday present for myself and sadly have to sell him as whilst the car is in very good nick and the engine excellent it has developed an odd ECU/tickover issue (more below). The car was imported from Japan in 2000 with 45000kms on the clock. From this time to my ownership he has full service history from Ford and Toyota dealerships. The previous owner converted the car to miles which now sits at funnily enough 45500mls. I have the original speedo to verify the mileage and all of the MOTs and history backs this up a well.

He has been parked on a private drive way to avoid getting any bumps on the very straight bodywork. He did start on the key and settle down to tick over quickly, the automatic gearbox shifts as it should and has options to change when the gears shift I.e. PWR and MAN hold to the redline. The car is fitted with an HKS turbo timer though at the moment this is disconnected (it was when I bought it) so I'd let him sit at idle for a couple of minutes after a drive to prolong the life of the turbos. It does not kick out any black/blue smoke and the engine is incredibly smooth. He is fitted with a turbo boost gauge on the A Pillar. He is sitting on four fantastic tyres with tonnes of thread left and they are the correct proportions, wider at the back to at the front. He is fitted with a Sony iPod ready stereo and has a solar panel fitted to the sunshield on the passenger side which powers a USB connecter for charging devices like an iPad.

So a round up:

Good Points:

45000 miles
Full UK service history from 2000
Rare Wide Body 2.0 Twin Turbo
Original un molested and un modified
Bodywork is very straight, the car has even had its door hinges regularly oiled
Converted to miles an hour
iPod stereo
Lovingly looked after
Great interior

No so good points:

The car sold for £1500 in 2013 to a guy in Nottingham who wanted the engine. Sadly on leaving my house, about 2 miles down the road the car started playing up. It had never played up. Basically it would not tickover, it started up, but wouldn't tickover. I refunded the guy and took the car back. We fuelled the car with fresh fuel and left it for 4 hours. Went back to get it, started first time and ran the two miles home and 10 miles around my local area without a problem. I thought it odd. So anyway, ran it for a while, but essentially nearing Christmas my personal situation changed and I needed the Supra to be my main car again, my Herald whilst awesome is not the best in the wet of Brighton. So I taxed it, insured it and went out for a drive, no problem. Then after leaving it ticking over outside my parents for 5 mins, I returned to see it off, it started again but wouldn't tickover!!! I booked it into my garage, they found the same situation, intermittent stalling, but always restarted. I took the car back in january without a fix, in fact they hadn't incurred the problem for the last 2 outings of 30 minutes or so. I left it for a couple of weeks (too busy at work) and returned to a flat battery. Charged it, and now the car turns over but won't start. I have tried a few things from forums and that, but essentially it needs to go in a rather frustrating non starting position. The guy from Nottingham bought it in 2013 for the engine, a 45k awesome engine. My mechanics told me several times, that whilst they didn't actually carry anything out to permanently halt the problem the engine was brilliant. Thats the value of the car I guess and the interior is ace to.
MOT ran out in Feb 2014
Tax Runs out end of April
Laquer on the roof has begun to peel in places
Drivers side plastic skirt at the front is broken. Very easy fix
Rear and front bumpers have the odd scuff
Rear spolier has grazing which is common on fibreglass
The previous owner wore a ring and has subsequently scratched the steering wheel and armrest. The seats and carpets are in great condition.

I will be sad to see him go, but I have a new car for work and the Herald to restore so it has to go.

Any questions, please do not hesitate.



27-04-14, 10:53 AM
Price and location please. ...