Hi all,

So I've been testing out the lights and not sure if my stalk is working as intended, can anyone confirm if this is working as standard or someone has messed with it please?

- Off position - off, so that's OK
- Position 1 - nothing happens at all as far as I can see
- Position 2 - popups go up on low beam, and sidelights come on on the bumper
- Position 3 - as position 2, with main beams

So it seems there is no way to have the sidelights without popups/low beam? I would have assumed position 1 would activate them while leaving the popups down?

If it has been messed with maybe this is something that is common, if so does anyone know where the mod was likely made before I pull out the dash? Alternatively, maybe this is a common fault that someone might know how to fix?