Hi all,

I've got a wub-wub-wub noise at 40mph, starts at about 35mph and seems to be more or less gone by 45mph. Sounds like it is coming from the drive train rearwards somewhere. Car is an auto N/A with 100k miles so the diff should have had an easy life.

I've tried putting the car on stands and bringing it to 40mph, I can slightly hear it inside but can't hear anything out of the car. With the car off, no obvious looseness in the drivetrain, some slight deflection maybe 5mm in the centre shaft rubber mount if I pull very hard side to side but assume this is normal as it's rubber?

I've changed LSD oil and also transmission fluid (full 8L flush) and they haven't changed the noise. Noise was on the car when bought so don't know when it started.

Any ideas on anything else I can check? I know wheel bearing failure is rare on these but feels like the symptoms of one to me, but not sure how you'd check that on a rear wheel drive car like this. Thanks.