I found the headlights a bit of a let down, after my Corolla and Celica both of which had 4 headlights with the dips always on, I have just fitted some "Performance Crystal Multi-Reflector Square Headlamps" which have clear glass and multifaceted reflectors, which seems to be the modern way of doing things. The mouldings look a bit rough but they fit correctly, and you get a new rubber boot, to boot. I also fitted "Ring Xenon 130 high performance headlamp bulbs. the lamps were 38.00 +V.A.T. a pair the bulbs 16.95 a pair +V.A.T. from "Rough Trax"
I only visited the site to buy some LS90 for the diff., 7.50 +V.A.T a litre. Their brake cleaners cheap too.